AQUADEV Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis is a process whereby a solvent of high solute concentration is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to an area of low solute concentration by applying pressure. The feed water pressure must exceed the osmotic pressure in order for the process to work.  Thus, low pressure systems work with more dilute solutions, but highly concentrated solutions (such as sea water desalination) require greater pressures to work.  The fact of the matter is that reverse osmosis is the most economical technology to purify water to extremely high quality standards.

Reverse Osmosis or RO removes the largest spectrum of contaminants of any water treatment process. More and more discriminating consumers demand high-purity RO water throughout their homes.  There is an endless variety of uses for high purity RO water in custom homes, estate-sized homes and even for smaller homes that may have special applications.

The correct choice in pre-treatment is very important as it influences the quality and quantity of the product water and above all, the life-span of the membrane. Improperly pre-treated systems can experience scaling and/or fouling which will greatly reduce the capacity and life of the membrane.



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