T-Range Biodigester

The Biodigester ‘T’ range is a unique ‘Hybrid Design’ with plastic media for process stability and efficiency. The product also has continuous recirculation driven by the ‘Air Lift Affect’, consequently there is no stored septic sludge and the Biodigester is uniquely guaranteed to operate without odour.

It provides a much higher level of treatment. By providing a constant flow of air, the treatment plant is able to utilise aerobic bacteria, which degrade the sewage to a high level.

The multi-chamber design allows re-circulation of Activated Sludge, ensuring that the plant remains aerobic. Inclusion of plastic media within the treatment plant provides a large surface area for the bacteria to adhere to, whilst ensuring mobility of the bacteria for rapid degradation of solid matter.

The T Range Biodigester treatment plant provides the modern environmentally friendly alternative to malodorous septic tanks and cesspools.

The substantial retained volume of the T range Biodigester provides a class leading prolonged emptying interval of typically 3 years.

T16NS1 16 Diameter: 2260mm Height:     2370mm
T24NS1 24 Length:   3060mm Breadth:  2260mm Height:    2370mm
T32NS1 32 Length:    3860mm Breadth:   2260mm Height:     2370mm
T40NS1 40 Length:   4660mm Breadth:  2260mm Height:    2370mm
T48NS1 48 Length:   5460mm Breadth:  2260mm Height:    2370mm
T56NS1 56 Length:    6260mm Breadth:   2260mm Height:     2370mm

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