Standard Range Biodigester

standard range

The Biodigester Standard Range is a bespoke system of four chamber glassfibre GRP tanks, for the four stages of treatment, suitable for 200 populations and above.

They are custom built for specific projects.

Stages 1 & 2 – Primary settlement and storage of solids. The majority of suspended solids are settled as they pass through the two primary settlement tanks. Additional secondary/humus solids returned by the sludge pump/recycling system are also stored.

Stage 3 – Submerged aerated filter. Continuous aeration of the submerged mobile plastic creates a suitable environment for aerobic micro-organism to grow both attached to the media and in suspension. This provides the substantial degradation of the settled sewage necessary to meet stringent effluent quality regulations. The process generates secondary or humus solids. The air blower and controls are housed above ground.

Stage 4 – The final settlement tank collects the secondary or humus solids which are automatically returned to the primary settlement tanks by the timed sludge return and recycle pump. Substantial recycling of the effluent greatly enhances process efficiency, particularly at sites with variable loading.

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