AQUADEV Premium R.O Host

The Aquadev premium Reverse Osmosis are special compact designs that are internationally built.

They are built or available to a wide range of capacities. The system is suitable for application requiring depth filtering. More than 99% of all microorganisms, pyrogens, particulates, organics with molecular weight greater than 300, and up to 95% of all dissolved inorganics contaminants from the feed water removed.


  • Anti-rust frame
  • Prewired control panel
  • The system kid and manifolds are locally assembled,
  • H/P pump,
  • RO membrane,
  • manifolds,
  • valves,
  • pressure gauges,
  • flow meters

The R.O system is supplied on a kid consisting of precision filter, H/P pump, RO membrane, manifolds, valves, pressure gauges, flowmeters, a control panel and tubing. The system skid and manifolds are shipped fully assembled, pre-wired. The system I available in 220VAC (50 Hz) 1ph

ARO 250P
ARO 500P
ARO 1000P
ARO 1500P
ARO 2000P
Premium ro

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