AQUADEV Premium Plus Water Treatment Plant

This is also a series of Backwash filters that can quickly and effectively treat all of the water that comes into your home. This water treatment system includes

  • 2 FRP tanks of filtering media through which water flows,
  • 2 FRP tanks for softening and tannin ion exchange
  • 1 Brine tank
  • 2 cartridge filter
  • an ultrafiltration filter unit
  • Oxidation and Disinfection kit

The cartridge material for the ultrafiltration unit is a membrane, which filtration precision is 0.01mocron. It can remove most harmful substances from water.

The Oxidation Kit provides a rapid oxidation and disinfection process that aid the removal of extreme iron content and odor neutralization.

The contaminants are trapped in the media, allowing clean, healthy water to flow through your home’s pipes. The filters are particularly effective at treating specific water problems by choosing appropriate media using the raw water test result

Tannin causes the water to have a faint yellow to tea-like color, and can cause yellow staining on fabrics, fixtures, china and laundry. It may give an unpleasant aftertaste to water. It may also cause water to have a musty or earthy odor.

The removal of tannins in the system occurs through both an ion exchange and an absorption process. This ion exchange process also reduces Nitrates and alkalinity of water.

This water treatment system can be used for household, office buildings or industrial scale.

Using a well-defined filtration process, the system can:

  • remove sediments
  • Improve taste
  • Reduce Odor
  • Reduce Turbidity
  • Adjust the PH level (PH level not less than 5.5)
  • Colloid
  • Bacterial and viruses
  • Iron
  • Reduce tannin
  • Reduce Nitrate
Aquadev plus water main
premium plus

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