Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment in Nigeria

T-Range Biodigester

The ‘T’ range Biodigester is a ‘Total Aeration’ sewage / waste water treatment plant manufactured in glassfibre (GRP) for simple underground installation. A small air blower is used to provide a supply of air so that naturally occurring micro-organisms grow and degrade the waste water including solids. The final effluent produced is a clear odourless liquid suitable for discharge into a watercourse or a system of soakaway trenches.
The ‘T’ range Biodigester has the significant advantage of continuous recirculation without any underground moving parts. No septic sludge is stored and as a result, the Biodigester product has a unique ‘Odour Free’ operation guarantee. A Biodigester treatment plant Provides the modern environmentally friendly alternative to malodorous septic tanks and Cesspools. The substantial retained volume of ‘T’ range Biodigesters provides a class leading prolonged emptying interval of typically 3 years. The Biodigester product is entirely suitable for variable loadings.

Bonus Range Biodigester

The Biodigester ‘Bonus’ range of sewage / waste water treatment plants has four sizes suitable for populations of 75, 95, 115 and 135. Each Biodigester ‘Bonus’ may be supplied with a new primary settlement tank or may be added after an existing septic or primary tank subject to suitability checks. In either case the treatment process is as described for the Biodigester ‘Standard’ with primary settlement, a ‘Submerged Aerated Filter’ (SAF) and final settlement with an automatic sludge return and recycling system.

Sewage treatment in Nigeria
Sewage treatment in Nigeria

Standard Range Biodigester

The Biodigester ‘Standard’ range is a bespoke system of four chamber glassfibre (GRP) tanks suitable for populations or Population Equivalent (PE) of 2000.
The sewage/waste water treatment process as two primary settlement chambers, a submerged aerated filter (SAF) and a final settlement tank with automatic sludge return and recycling system.

EK Range (Biodigester in Concrete)

The EK Series are biodigesters that are designed in concrete or concrete blocks. The design is based on existing methods and principles that we have used successfully for our Glassfibre Biodigesters.

Existing septic tanks and inefficient concrete sewage systems can be converted to EK Series sewage treatment systems after inspection to confirm eligibility.

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